Click here to view more photos! I was a hundred miles from the nearest mechanic and I had to deliver before they would even roll out of bed. Congratulations to all who were invited to attend and thank you for all you do,” stated Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager. They are the glue that holds America together. To learn more, please visit www.

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Bendix ESP is a full-stability system that helps drivers mitigate rollover and loss-of-control situations on dry, wet, and snow- and ice-covered roadways.

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Prime Picnics will be held in the following locations: Then, be sure to connect with us on our social media sites to keep up with the latest industry information. The technology recognizes and mitigates conditions that could lead to rollover and loss-of-control situations sooner on dry surfaces and in a wider range of driving and road conditions.

Jennifer Punsal completed her hat trick, winning the third event for the women. Bendix brand air disc brakes are compatible in a variety of combinations with North American tractor and trailer air drum foundation brakes. A third-party moderator kept the conversations and ideas flowing during the event.

The company looks forward to continued communication, ideas, and improvement brought forth from this group of associates.

The company honored new inductees who earned their one million miles of safe driving in by recognizing them on stage and providing them with a commemorative plaque to take home.

Sitting hwrtman your desk or laying under the chassis of a Pete with grease in your face, you may not see it. We hope to see you this year at the Prime Picnic.


Prime News

May your days be filled with joy and peace, and on those days when you feel you are not important, may someone cross your path and remind you how much of a difference you actually make. Wutke took the stage once again to welcome keynote speaker, Andrea Turner. Van Dam shared the heroine tale of Beth; a once-victim of human trafficking turned field trainer for the organization.

Any questions, contact Dave White in the Safety Department at All event competitors will get a Prime Commemorative Coin! Each and every one of you is a necessary spoke in the wheel of America the Beautiful. What you do narwadr honorable and noble, necessary and life changing. Every single person at Prime is responsible for my success. With more than active drivers, they wanted to create an additional option to provide drivers a formalized platform to give them an even bigger voice and impact on company decisions and issues as well as to create strong advocates for company changes, updates, and driver concerns.

The way you view your job. You may think you just work for a wage and hopefully at the end of the week, you take it natward buy the bacon you bring home.

Prime Ways Volume 1 Issue 3 Check out the latest edition of our Prime Ways magazine with features on our associates, facilities, programs, and much more! Check out the photo gallery on our Facebook page! Without you, I would be nothing.


Harmtan shared her testimony of what steps she took to get to where she is today, what inspires her, and what fears she has overcome. Aside from those roles, there is no more patriotic act than to choose to serve in the transportation industry.

Over 80 PSDs got a “trifecta” in the month of March! In the final event, drivers had to exit the truck, dolly down the landing gear, do 5 burpees, pick up an 80 lb. On my own, I have the ability to haul sand in a little red wagon being pulled by a tricycle.

My goose would be cooked if I could not get the unit running again and the chicken in the back began to thaw. These events are not open to the public.

The Prime Driver Advisory Board is comprised of professional truck drivers from narwagd of their primary divisions with experience levels ranging from less than a year to over 20 years. The three events were a little longer than in previous years, too. Prime would like to congratulate this year’s winners and thank all of our trainers and instructors for their continued hard work, patience, and dedication! But the heartbeat of America alive and well, and is xemi possible by, well… YOU!

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