What is a DSN: There are also binary packages available that do not use native installers, which can be used without root privileges and provide a better option than source installation. This seems to be due to a problem in the new kernel and thread libraries of RedHat 9. Views Read Edit View history. From the psqlodbc build directory:.

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MySQL Connector/ODBC – Wikipedia

There is limited information on this error, though it did appear that the driver loaded and attempted to make a connection. From the psqlodbc build directory:. In general, a binary package with a native installer e. However, when testing against libiodbc We select the System DSN tab.

If you did not install the DBMS yourself but were given an account on a remote server, you should be able to log on using your user account:. We recommend using this approach if possible, though it may require root privileges and help from your system administator.

The configure parameters are optional. I cannot connect to PostgreSQL. You can check this by querying other servers that interact with the one that’s hung. We have not experienced this problem with the more recent versions of psqlodbc that we have tested and which are documented below.


You should enter the following parameters: I need help installing iODBC Which libraries do you recommend to new users? One reason could simply be due to wide-area network latency or congestion.

From the unixODBC build directory:.

You may also use the -t timeout option of the globus-rls-cli tool. From what we can tell, the 3.

The server myodbbc not accept new connections from clients, with an error message similar to: We attempted building and installing the mysql-connector-odbc Comments about the website?? Of course, this requires that you have a user account.

The commands below demonstrate the show tables command with a MySQL database. All the server threads are waiting to be signaled on a condition odbd. General information on troubleshooting can be found in the FAQ.

This article has multiple issues.

Using MySQL with ODBC | Information Services Division – UCL – London’s Global University

I need help configuring my Idbc. As the RLS server’s database of replica location mappings grows in size, some query operations, such as bulk queries involving large quantities of mappings or wildcard queries that result in a large subset of mappings, will begin to take more time both to process the query and to return the large results set to the client over the network.


What we modbc by doing a brief search was that making a small change to one of the files corrected the problem. Assuming you installed the DBMS yourself, you should be able to log on as root:. I need help installing iODBC. We have used the following commands to install iODBC version 3.

MySQL Connector/ODBC

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The defaults enable the features required by RLS, namely threads. We would recommend the use of psqlODBC version A binary package without a native installer is an excellent option if you do not have root privileges.

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