Mel B’s marriage did not sound very ‘zigazig ah’ Getty Images. We couldn’t resist — it was Sambora who allegedly had a few surprises of his own. Breaking up is hard to do — especially when your split becomes part of the hour news cycle. Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston in , and they were literally Hollywood’s golden couple, from their sun-kissed skin to their perfect blond highlights. Finally addressing the divorce, he wrote via Radar Online that the show exacerbated “existing problems” with their marriage, and that he felt that it was “having a ‘negative impact’ on his ‘young, impressionable’ son, Syre. Sofia Vergara was in an on-again off-again relationship with Nick Loeb for years before she upgraded in a big way and got with now-husband Joe Manganiello in

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When Matt Damon Broke Up With Minnie Driver on ‘Oprah’

You be the judge. I’m just stoked that she finally has a song with some substance on her record. It’s not like I was going to try to beg him to come back to me or anything. However, it wasn’t until three months later that Azalea announced they’d officially called it quits, stating that she’d been unable to rebuild trust in Young after mibnie infidelity was exposed.

Theron’s disappearing act became the talk of Dmon, but she said the gossip was ridiculous.

I am not even worried about anything like that. Did he at least use any cool emoji? She also claimed they never shared bank accounts and that Jarrahy wasn’t even listed in her Screen Actors Guild healthcare plan. minnle

Less than two weeks later, she filed a domestic violence restraining order against him and shared a photo of her with a bruised eye she claimed was caused by Depp, People reported. Keeping up with Dumpd divorce lawyer Getty Images.


I am completely fine with that.

Minnie Driver: men like Matt Damon ‘cannot understand what abuse is like’

Since the separation, Tarek has played the field and briefly dated their former nannywhile Christina dated contractor Gary Anderson who appeared on the show and was in the home when police were called for the aforementioned incidenta hockey playerand a businessman named Doug Speddingwhom she claimed Tarek was jealous of before they got together.

Just vumped expensive was Mariah Carey’s split from James Packer? Geena Davis contested the divorce filing from her fourth husband, Reza Jarrahy, because she claims they were never actually married to begin with.

Hulk then sued Linda for defamation of character inand she later retracted her claims and insisted she’ll always love him. When Williams asked Stewart, who was just down the hall from her, about the news, she said he blew her off. It got worse for Aniston post-split: Just months after filing for divorce, Pitt appeared in a family-themed W magazine spread with Jolie, dumpes people close to him started painting the picture that he was basically leading an empty life during his marriage to Aniston.

We need good intelligent men to say this is all bad across the board, condemn it all and start again. After years daomn on-again-off-again drama during which Brown was also, at one point, dating Rihanna againTran finally hit the road for good in when it was revealed that Brown had fathered a daughter with another woman during their relationship. Driver was discussing comments by Matt Damon, whom she once dated and with whom she starred in the Oscar-winning film Good Will Hunting.

The most brutal celeb breakups

Since the first publication of allegations against Weinstein, a number of women have come forward to detail abuse they have suffered. The comedian was accused of misconduct including masturbating in front of a number of women. In FebruaryTran obtained a restraining order against the singerforcing him to stay yards away from her, her mother, and her brother. Though she also once described falling for Damon as “an occupational hazard,” Driver seemed to have gained some perspective on the whole situation years later.


Day-Lewis didn’t deny the heartless allegations when asked about the split.

I had to call my attorney to find out. Speaking with Peoplea supposed “friend of the couple” said that Locklear “found an e-mail sent to Sambora by a woman they both knew” which included “provocative pictures.

A man cannot do that. Perry hasn’t commented on her relationship with McCoy, but it’s rumored that her song ” Circle The Drain ,” with lyrics describing her frustration with dating an addict, was inspired by their doomed union. Driver said that as accusations, suspensions and firings first swept through Hollywood, she initially refrained from comment.

It happened to them and I’m happy for them. By the way, Penn declined to comment on that article.

Alex Rodriguez and Madonna were homewreckers for one another Getty Images. Minnie Driver and Josh Brolin rumped quite made it down the aisle. Rob Kardashian briefly dated Rita Ora inbut it remains murky as to whether or not they were actually in an official relationship.

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