Newer revisions of Mystique do not want to texture from system memory, so Direct3d compatibility with 2 MB is too low to be bothered. There are no low resolution tests because they are not accepted by my display, what modes is the Mystique trying to set? It looks like with time passing by Matrox was raising the clocks in several steps. Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links. From a business point of view it did its job well.

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Lack of true fogging means that objects will just pop up from the clear rather then from a fog of distance. In Next Generation called Millenium “the definitive 2D accelerator. Besides the ramdac Mystique also integrates video engine with hardware mga-1164sg-aa. But strange things happened with SG, after base clock the benchmark results were not improving anymore, like if the board denied to be clocked higher.

Matrox MGA 1164SG (MY220P/4N) 4MB SGRAM PCI Graphics adapter

File name Release date and file size Driver Notes, including operating system and Matrox graphics card support Disk 1 Mystique has DAC integrated to the core and plain synchronous memory interface to reduce board complexity and costs much below expensive Millennium. Including bilinear filtering would have incurred a significant cost in the chip’s transistor budget for more computational resources and potentially reduce graphics core clock speed and performance due to a larger chip design.


This does not amtrox to old chip, so I may have come to some actual difference between the revisions.

Drivers in this section are zipped using the -RP option. Millennium’s engine is exposed to Direct3d, but I don’t know any titles except Turok which would not require texturing.


Matrox Mystique – Wikipedia

Dual ported VRAM was employed to relieve frame-buffer bandwidth from screen refresh and enabled block transfers. This page was last edited on 21 Januaryat The killer combo of lack of fogging, filtering and proper blending View Matrox screenshot gallery Incidentally OpenGL games can give a hint of Matrox’es Martox Interface, because Techland wrote a driver based on MSI library for their game using Quake 3 engine.

Detractors, however, referred to the card as the “Matrox Mystake”. The retail version of Mystique included 3 3D game titles, including: Otherwise, the card was identical in feature-set to the mattox Mystique and offered almost identical performance. Few titles from bundle of gaming edition had around polygon scenes. Without mipmapping support, textures in the distance appear to “swim”, waving around and appearing “noisy”, because mafrox texture detail wasn’t being properly managed and this caused texture aliasing.

Matrox Mystique

Lack of bilinear filtering does not hurt this game much. If you are looking for the most recent drivers, please click here. Now for the cards.

Drivers in this section are previously released drivers and should be used for trouble shooting purposes only. They must be unzipped using the -D option. Quake games look just as bad like d3d titles, for all the hardware limitations.


It handles parameter interpolation, perspective correction, transparency, lookup table, lighting in true color precision, dithering and has own FIFO for addresses.

Matrox products are listed down the left-hand side, and operating systems mga-11164sg-a listed along the top. With both of my boards I did not find memory mga-1164s-ga to be very limiting. Fortunately Matrox Overclocking Tools are fun to play with once you get used to the formula. In first Quake lightmaps are not even blended with world textures. Average framerate difference corresponds to clock difference, how about difference in Final Reality: Conclusion Mystique has its strong and weak sides.

In came Titan chip with feature set expanded by basic 3d operations: NET Framework, even if version 2. The 8 MB configuration used the memory expansion module.

Last driver came out in September Limited feature set prevents quite a few games from working properly or at all on the Mystique. PCI interface was enriched by bus mga-1146sg-a.

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