It would indeed be great to be able to make full use of this device even if it is a year later. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have M4’s and like them. Gigabyte does include a driver on the CD that can be manually installed version 1. I don’t own an SSD so I can’t test it on “very fast” drives. Looking on the Gigabyte driver CD, within the “Bootdrv” folder there is a driver version 1. Old Hippie , Mar 31,

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Apr 4, Best driver for the Marvell 6G Controller. If you have dual video cards or a dual GPU card, this may reduce the video performance. It would indeed be great to be able to make full use of this device even if it is a year later.

If I download the latest driver from Gigabyte, marve,l does not include a driver at all for the Marvell The RAID 1 array containing my system was only that by name, as it was working fine on just one disk. January 22, The Marvell controller is inferior to the ICH10 and shouldn’t even be under consideration. Unfortunately I don’t know personally how well this updated firmware works yetbut there are people talking highly about it in the french forums at Station Drivers.

I have a C: I know I didn’t pick one of your options because Rais thing is that some drives are not well suited to RAID systems, though the manufacturers may not spell this out as clearly as they might.


It took a couple of days to make the backup, there was a lot of data I guess this is to be expected jarvell one tries to play near the front. I am running Windows 7 bit. The Marvell has a PCI-e x1 speed limitation regardless of onboard or card implementation.

Even if rxid max your sequential speeds, which is limited most of the time by the chipset, you end up almost never using that capability to its max anyway. Do you already have an account?

Putting SDD on a ICH10R vs Marvell 9128 – Which is best??

On an HDD setup raid 0 is really nice for the speeds but ssd’s are incredibly faster at everything compared to HDD’s I would go with one on your Intel chipset so you get trim, you won’t notice the difference unless you benchmark or marvelk use some software that legitimately uses that speed, and in most cases software that uses that usually doesn’t want to be faulted by a raid 0 array anyway.

I have noticed the following: Keep in marvfll if you go with option one you have four times the failure rate over a single drive. I started recovery by turning off my PC and removing the drive connected to the Marvell controller.

I am to get over a Gb of Read speeds and damn near that on the writes. Of course Marvdll don’t need 16 ports or anything the like, I would use just 2 of them.


Apr 1, Old HippieMar 31, I am very impressed as these two drive using an onboard controller are as fast, maybe even a hair faster, than my 4 Intel X G2 drives on a dedication RAID Controller. You need to install the updated MRU from Station Driver in order for it to communicate with the actual Marvell driver.

Putting SDD on a ICH10R vs Marvell – Which is best?? | [H]ard|Forum

Yes, my password is: If I use my Gigabyte driver CD that came with my motherboard, it does not install a driver at all for the Marvell Restore the backup to the new disk. EftegarieMar 28, I have M4’s and like them.

If it boots, just change the disk and restore your image. I then found by testing other newly-formatted disks that the disks that had been connected to the Marvell controller seemed to have been remembered, and that I needed to delete that information via mravell Marvell RAID BIOS before using a disk as a new single one.

I connected another newly-formatted disk to the other free Marvell connection, and found that the Marvell BIOS still remembered that this particular disk had previously been connected to the ElvismenJun 3,

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