This can be either a library module a. LoadLibrary can also be used to load other executable modules. The name of the module. If the string specifies a module name without a path and the file name extension is omitted, the function appends the default library extension. If you call LoadLibrary with the name of an assembly without a path specification and the assembly is listed in the system compatible manifest, the call is automatically redirected to the side-by-side assembly.

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If the module exists in the application’s directory, LoadLibrary ignores the specified path and loads the module from the application’s directory.

This can be either a library module a. For more information, see Dynamic Link Library Redirection. You said you’re writing it in assembly.

If the string specifies a module losdlibrary without a path and the file name extension is omitted, the function appends the default library extension. If the string specifies a full path, the function searches only that path for the module.

Sign up using Facebook. If an attacker has copied a malicious version of a DLL into the current working directory, the path retrieved by SearchPath will point to the malicious DLL, which LoadLibrary will then load. So why not use an assembler?


The name of the module. A call to LoadLibrary by one process does not produce a handle that another process can use — for example, in calling GetProcAddress. As Raymond Chen mentioned, to do loaelibrary, just have a look at the Portable Executable Format specification. Otherwise, the function searches for the file. RaymondChen True, but how do I do this?

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LoadLibraryA function

If the function cannot find the module, the function fails. Module handles are not global or inheritable. Of course, this is true. The system maintains a per-process reference count on all loaded modules.

You can even use control loadlibrray and OS won’t care a bit: I am trying to make a small win32 “Hello, world! Um, why not just import it like a normal program? Or are there any cheap alternatives besides using a higher-level language? For additional load options, use the LoadLibraryEx function. Ksrnel wait, the fact that you’re looking at shellcode means that you are already writing malware Doing this allows private dynamic-link library DLL files associated with a process to be found without adding the process’s installed directory to the PATH environment variable.


You mean Ordinals I guess. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject loqdlibrary these policies. Once you get the pointer to the function, just invoke it.

LoadLibraryA function | Microsoft Docs

The specified module may cause other modules to be loaded. The name specified is the file name of the module and is not related to the name stored in the library module itself, as specified by the LIBRARY keyword in the module-definition. If the name matches, the load succeeds.

Post as a guest Name. Read up on the Portable Executable PE file format. Sign up using Email and Password. For more information about paths, see Naming a File or Directory. To load a module from a relative path without searching any other path, use GetFullPathName to get a nonrelative path and call LoadLibrary with the nonrelative path.

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