It’s in our minds as we take the stage The memories of a by-gone age An age of heroes, and age of kings An age of valour and enchanted rings. For the men that could save us, they will need to be backed No one should sit back, and leave it to the rest And every person’s courage, will be put now to the test. Our time will comme. History books are written by liars, it’s not often that you read you’re true If they don’t want you to know about something, they keep the facts from you Some now say that Marx was great, and communism’s good What they don’t tell is that Marx is in Hell and his flag is drenched in blood. Don’t need them to tell me what I’m doing Don’t need them to tell me my land’s in ruin Don’t need their newspapers, I can read the signs I don’t need television, to tell me what’s on my mind. An individual’s diversity in the academic world has been expressed traditionally through the well known triad of race skin color , class socioeconomic and gender male, female, sexual minority. It was meant to be, Why worry?

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Do you realise what you’ve done? The men in Whitehall sit drinking their champagne Whilst our people fight for very life itself Now we’re second class in our own countries In poverty whilst they build up their wealth While I hear it still And no one ever asked us, exactly what we think No one ever asked us, exactly what we think As far as the powers are concerned They’ve let the country sink.

One in a Million [Explicit]. The Toolbox Murders It was never held.

For England White Power! Can’t you hear the sound of the victors marching on?

Our time will comme. Well, how do you do young Willie McBride? The White battalion is waving… triumphant standards of a race… reborn!

We need a saviour, before long Must be soon before the chance is gone The great leader, from the north A true warrior to defend the cause. And a hungry young boy with a runny nose plays out in the street as a cold wind blows In the ghettos White ghettos Just black and white So he has to roam the street at night and he learns White Pride and he learns how to fight In the ghettos White ghettos And then one night in desperation, the young man breaks away He buys a gun and drives his car, he orders his life but he dot get far, and his mother cries.


Streaming and Download help. As we look ’round at our nations, depression starts to settle in Our once proud Western cities, as the rot starts to begin Riots on the streets are often, mugging happens every day Rapists stalk the darkened streets, looking for defenceless prey – chorus Fight for your country, fight for your race Fight for your nation, for fighting made our people great – As the few up against it, the muggers knife goes in To oppose our nation’s murder, is counted as a sin We’re proud of being White men, and we want to show the world Against Reds and reaction, we stand with flags unfurled – As we stand and face the future, our eyes raised to the sky We pledge ourselves to struggle, we’ll either win or die We won’t lose ground and be knocked down, we’ve got a history Our ancestors look down on us, and pray for victory.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, When you wanna march in a democratic fashion Through the streets of the country that you love Then you’re struck down by a mob of screaming monkeys Raining with bricks from above, and I hear you say. This demographic during their time as a band were skinheads in the British Isles.

Left to Drown | Left to Drown

A skeptic said to me one sunny day, why the worried look upon your face? Don’t need your high treason, don’t need your ball and chain We’re gonna smash your tyranny, we droown rise again. If you belong to a minority, well then that’s alright If you belong to a minority, well then that’s alright But if you’re just a simple British person You’ll have to stand and fight, for what’s right.

As we see, this is the essential core of the most virile opposition facing the multicultural education establishment. I wanna hear the lion stand and roar Go ahead, kick down corruption’s door. We just stood and watched the destruction of another land.

The time is nearly here, the tension starts to build Communists all over, Jubilee Gardens are all filled Reds are pretty worried about the skinheads at the show Sheep they fly their Red flag, but the skinheads have their own White Power! An individual’s diversity in the academic world has been expressed traditionally through the well known triad of race skin colorclass socioeconomic and gender male, female, sexual minority.


We stand here as a barrier against the forces of evil We stand here to do our best, to keep the blue skies blue We are here to stand and fight now, to fight for White survival We are here to face the storm, to make it safe for you. Living through the glory, living through the pain Fighting in a war, freedom once again Fought against a foe, that weren’t real enemies While certain people stayed at home, and your money they did seize.

Left to Drown Lyrics

How long’s it been, seem you believed, that you were worth a thing? As the establishment presses on against it, further research should be conducted into exactly what the pillars holding up this worldview really are. Acknowledging the goals and vision of these ideals as constructive of a better society, and with non-violence, mutual acceptance and peace as their flatly stated ends, it is disheartening but perhaps not surprising to discover forces in existence that have been working to counteract the multicultural worldview, which uses Intercultural Education as its indoctrination arm.

Vulgar Display of Purring Presents: We hold a pride in our history A memory of it used to be Before the traitors took the reins Condemned our people to misery and pain.

Tomorrow Bellongs to us. Once we were proud men, and now we’re down on our knees We have let them take over, and now they do as they please What’s it gonna take, to light that spark of pride And if our courage does not waken, we’ll be taken for a ride. Saw you step out from Room Smile on your face, and a teardrop in your eye Knew you’d been sticking needles in your arm You always said that it didn’t do no harm.

It was meant to be, Why worry?

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