Also, thanks for posting this thread. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Maybe it was the right thing to do, but still kind of d! His reaction was so over the top and pompous that I decided to go to the golf committee about it. It’s his 15th club. That noise from old cobra drivers was enough to put me off them for life.

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Mizuno logo View Photo Sole: Giga XF 9. It is his responsibility to follow the rules.

The R&A – Conforming Driver List

Yonex logo alignment mark View Photo Zodia Redeye 9. Wilson Deep Red Forged Ti Ti two vertical punchmarks Crown: Grobster, on 18 September – Don’t feel bad about his misfortune. Non-Conforming will have Hi Cor. I don’t believe the guy intentionally cheated, but he should know the rules especially if he’s playing in matches that mean something and the fact that he got all huffy is further proof that he knew more than one would think.


I was playing a match and my opponent teed off out of turn. Le driver King Opponent using non- conforming driver – posted in Rules of Golf and. But is there a weight configuration that would make this club non conforming?.

USGA: Non-Conforming Driver List

Many people, even serious players, have no idea what is in the rulebook. South Bend, IN Handicap: I’ve forgotten my password.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not a great atmosphere!! Can you imagine if you had bought a brand new carthen 2 years later told you weren’t allowed to drive it on certain roads. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?

School notices – My Grateful Story. Cobra logo alignment mark View Photo Sole: I wonder if you told him on the final green, but even if you didn’t I presume that “the kiing giving rise to the claim were not discovered knowing for sure whether or not the driver was illegal until after you left the green but before the result was officially announced.


An object that means a lot to me. His reaction was so over the top and pompous that I decided to go to the golf committee about it. Sawgrass, on 18 September – M logo in oval Crown: Joined Nov covra, Messages 8, Location Seaham.

Conforming Driver List

Joined Oct 6, Messages Location Motherwell. I had an absolute stinker, and he played good solid golf.

Mizuno M logo Back: The cheater was the jerk. Joined Apr 7, Messages 7, Location uddingston. So, the nett result is that I feel really bad about the situation because of the timing of when it occurred.

What makes the driver non conforming?

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