Mostly surface mount components. Kit version A PCB. This would not be possible using serial programming. You can direct program the firmware using these files. Originally there were going to be software packages for all three but it became clear that the one software package covering all three kit would be best.

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Installation guides PDFs can be found at http: The new Kit software V also fixed some bugs in the previous V release. All the code is on floppy disk. Intro To Arduino and Microcontrollers. Upgrading for new PIC chips is done by simply adding progtammer to the ‘device.

K PIC Programmer Hack – Eric M. Klaus

Kit is Kit without the ZIF socket. Programmeg Windows XP went away…. This will also happen when the Boards are connected and MicroPro is not running.

Since the same User Interface is now going to be used for Kits A and Band here is the latest upgrade which now unpacks in c: Surplus Corner – Excess components – reduced cost. Software protocol so people can port it to other platforms – click here P as pogrammer August 16, There are 4 nylon 10mm standoffs to protect the underside. After you get the kit going then upgrade to the latest version by programming the firmware with the appropriate hex file from the latest version, replacing the firmware IC then running the latest MicroPro.



Some of the hex files I use do workwhile others give me this error. It is trivially easy to add your own commands, and they can be simple procedures, or they could alter the behaviour of other parts of the pfogrammer. Choice of pin wide-slot ZIF socket programmer ordinary 40 pin 0. Support added for 15F5x. But its a needless waste to have that second diode. Beta untested support for 10Fxxx 18F diypack For quite some time things were fine.

The extra connector at the end supplied access to the serial RX and TX pins so I can use them to also talk to my target. The board is only 48 x 30mm.

Released august 22, One of the most popular electronic kits ever is an electronic dice. One small problem we are fixing now is the transistors blowing particularly if ICSP wires are shortcircuited. DOS based but will programmmer under W9x. With each new version of Windows it became more and more difficult to find a driver that would run correctly.


Get the latest version from here. You may have to un-solder yours.

Pic K150 ICSP Programmer

It has been pointed out that in the circuit design of these kits when the kit is placed in a Reset state then the programming voltages all appear in the programming socket and on the ICSP pins. The solution is to add three 3K3 resistors as shown here. Arduino and Microcontrollers Next Steps Class. Just a few lines to the parallel port will do it – seedontronics. It will be sold fully assembled as most of the components are surface mount. With the schottky diode, the VDD load of the product itself is ignored by the programmer while programming.

March 24 a new software package for Kit is released with a hardware change needed:

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