Adjusting the gamma of an image allows you to change brightness values of the middle range of gray tones without dramatically altering the shadows and highlights. Economic – dpi: Changing the gamma allows you to alter the brightness of the middle range tones without affecting the shadows or high-lights. To correct the problem, perform the following adjustments:. Also called True Color. Search products , Search FAQs.

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Additional types of applications are available that offer solutions for special or unique tasks.

A Note About Application Software – Compaq ImageReader Express User Manual [Page 6]

Page of 29 Go. Desktop, Mail, Printer Gray Grayscale: Changing the gamma allows you to alter the brightness of the middle range tones without affecting the shadows or high-lights. It cannot be saved as an editable text file. Graphics software provides the user with image editing tools for performing extensive modifications to art, photographs, or other continuous tone images. Please consult your printer manual or contact the printer manufacturer for instructions specific to your printer.

The range between the darkest and the lightest shades determine the number of shades in an image. OCR software will not provide image editing capabilities. With the introduction of Windows 95, the TWAIN specification has been overhauled to take advantage of the bit architecture.


With image editing software, it is possible to save your image in a variety of file formats depending on the software you are using, see Graphics Formats.

Check that the AC power cord is connected to the scanner and power outlet. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The installation should now be running.

Color images composed of three 8-bit channels: Please check that your scanner package contains all the following items. Your system software CD includes iPhoto Express image editing software to facilitate your image editing requirements. Allows user to select from a set of predefined paper sizes representing the size of the document to be scanned: Desktop, Mail, Fax, Printer If your printer imagereaeer not a color printer, your color scans will ijagereader printed in grayscale.

Any software that manipulates images or text in some manner.

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You are at the www. Infocentdr Cover2. When the scan is completed, TouchScan will process it according to your chosen destination. If compliant, you may use these application to scan with your ImageReader scanner. It takes a combination of the scanner hardware and application software to perform any task.


Cancel – Cancels your current TouchScan settings. Prompts frame dialog box in which user can adjust the scanning size. Generally, denser pixel coverage per square inch higher resolution results in sharper images. The place to find device driver updates.

TWAIN is the interface infpcenter links the scanner with scanning software applications. TouchScan is a quick and easy way to scan and Print Copier Functionscan and Fax and Scan and Email using the two buttons on the front of your scanner. The bit scanning source is only available under Windows This manual assumes that you have a basic understanding of the DOS and Windows operating system. It cannot be saved as. If your printer port supports EPP mode, the initialization speed is much faster, about 20 seconds.

You may experience scanning problems if you do not use the. In Windows 95, click Start, select Run.

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