Reaction of the item on user pressings and receiving data from equipment Momentary – the button sends values but does not display feedback Channel – the button sends values and displays feedback None – the button does not visually react on pressings or receiving of feedback Invert Channel – the button sends values and dispalys feedback inversely false – on, true – off. The settings are formed in the process of Helvar configuration. Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions. Minrray Industry Co, Ltd. Create a feedback channel Tick this if you want the button not only to write values in the variable but also change its state when receiving data from tthe variable. The switch is not automatic.

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In iRidium Radio Buttons are not separated as an item type as they can be set up on the basis of Trigger Button. Custom Visual Display Systems.

LL1-CV-DA | V Dimmable Constant Voltage DALI LED Driver | Helvar Oy Ab | AV-iQ Europe

Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd. Shenzhen Tendzone Intelligent Co. Guangzhou Hedong Electronic Co. At that for relays there is “trip limit” and if you send the value less than the limit relays will not work.

Lwd range Event for Action the event interface connected to the button.

Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. When the event is activated the indicated value will be written in the variable Press – to send Value on pressings Release – to send Value on releasing Move – to send all intermediate Values when moving the slider.

  FA310TX 4.02 DRIVER

Helvar DALI Power Supply – Smart Led Lighting Controls

Goo Systems Global Distribution. As a result you will have the file ready for importing in iRidium. The variables are not synchronized by automation equipment for working in the Helvaf Buttons mode inactive modes on the side of iRidium have to be off.

For correct work the item needs 2 states.

The value will be output in the text field of all item states. Set up the Trigger Button items see the image in a number equal to the number of Radio Buttons.

LED Driver Dimmable Helvar Dali 30W 350/500/700Ma

The Duration Test is in progress. When the event is activated the indicated value will be sent to the variable Press – send on press Release – send on release For Trigger button you can use only one event at a time.

To maintain control of the object you need to switch from the local to public IP-address of the Internet router. Results can be calculated using ” Direct Proportion ” formulas. Send Token – to send to the variable Value, taken as the current slider position in the Min NewHank Quality AV products.

Automation Enclosure, 1 module high x 1 module wide. Cayin Technology Co Ltd.


If helvr selected protocol of work with Helvar supports auto-notifications about the changes of system statuses, then create Feedback without timer. Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions. Flexible Picture Systems Inc. Frame Jazz Display Co.

Helvar Dimmable DALI LED Driver (1 x 30W)

Data Light Tech Co. Action Send Token – send to the variable Value indicated in the graphic item properties Trigger Value 1 or Value 2 depending on the current trigger state Event for Action An interface event connected to the button.

Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH.

It is a graphic item with 1 or 2 states. After the setting up he can invite end-users to control the automation object. Contact in regards to this product:. Medusa is the latest generation of LED streetlight from Ecolighting. When the event is activated the indicated value will be sent to the variable Press – send on press Release – send on release For Trigger button you can use only one event at a time Add a feedback channel Create a feedback channel Tick this field as it is required for the button to know its current value and change it when receiving data from the variable and on clicking.

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