The Editor framework uses a Flow Synchronization pattern: Very large objects Q: There are further constraints and features, and that’s the whole point of this article, as we’ll see below. Arbitrary data can be attached to the generated EditorError by using the userData parameter. Found some additional comments on GWT Editors.

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Should my Widget implement an Editor interface or IsEditor? Editors are a graph of objects used to edit objects. There are several kinds of editors:.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Both editor driver interfaces have two generic parameters: RequestFactoryEditorDriver has a convenience display method as well. OptionalFieldEditor can be used with nullable or resettable bean properties. An approach similar to what was used in an earlier version of the Expenses sample worked for me:.

At runtime, if any of these sub-editors is null, it will simply be ignored. A field or method will be treated as an editor if its type implements the Editor marker interface or one of its subinterfaces, see below or the IsEditor interface.

All of these core Editor sub-interface can be mixed at will. Bwt value returned from this method will be assigned to the bean being edited e. Similarly to UiBinderyou’ll declare an interface extending one of these with generic parameters. Starting from a root editor type, the editor driver generator will build a representation of the editors tree using reflection: The IsEditor interface allows composition of existing Editor behavior without the need to implement N-many delegate methods in the composed Editor type.


This makes the Editor framework a very good friend of UiBinder! Because everything is done at compile-time by inspecting classes, it means everything is based on the types you use in your interface declaration and for sub-editors, see below, the field and method declarations.

An object that supports editing zero or more properties of a bean. Drivers are created through a call to GWT.

GWT 2.1 Editors

The only expected behavior of an Editor is that it will provide access to efitor sub-Editors via one or more of the following mechanisms: This section will document these interfaces and provide examples of how the Editor framework will interact with the API at runtime. A CompositeEditor that is editing an indexable datastructure, such as a Listmight return [index] for this method.

If the composite editor is editing a Collection, this method solves the problem of having no sub-Editors available to examine for an empty Collection. Benjamin M 8, 15 73 The basic Editor type is simply a parameterized marker interface that indicates that a type conforms to the editor contract or informal protocol. On one hand you have an object graph that you want to display or edit, and on the other hand a set of widgets let’s call them editorswe’ll see the why later.


At the moment I tried this without success: It seems that it might just not be possible to completely separate the model. The only expected behavior of an Hwt is that it will provide access to its sub-Editors via one or more of the following mechanisms:.

The issue is that the Driver.


There are some answers edtior the web, that say I have to inject the EditorDriver somehow into the Presenter, but I don’t know how to do this The Editor framework allows multiple Editors to edit the same object: If anyone has any improvements on this, I’m glad to hear. LeafValueEditor LeafValueEditor is used for non-object, immutable, or any type that the Editor framework should not descend into. In addition I’d say that your approach puts logic inside the view This allows the use of interfaces for ywt the Editor hierarchy.

If the Widget contains multiple sub-Editors is a simple, static hierarchy, use the Editor interface.

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