This command only returns the AT commands that ar e available to the. Strin g type Zero to N string parameters whose meanings are specific. Freque ncy rang e: The modem supports the standard data character format of 1 start bit,. Cert ifica t ion.

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The set command spe cifies a profi le for the context ident ified by the. This command activates or deactivates the call monitoring function in.

Used to condition the DCE cabke data transmission. In this case no check is made against the negotiated profile. Shock response spectrum II, peak accelera tion:. Th e phone number used to establish. SIM Application Toolkit The modem is damaged. GM29 serial modems are intended to be use d by manufacturers, system.

Declaration of Conformity Part 3: Type Approval The integrated nature of the GM29 should make type approval a minimal process. Make sure that you choose the right type of antenna for the modem.


Standard Horizon Modem Gm29 Users Manual Integrators

PI N2 is required as a password. Using AT commands, the following actions are possible:. Although the GM29 is pre-configured to work with a range of ha ndsets. Better t han —1 02 dBm GSM Plea se note t he followi ng:. The R x Level is.

The addres s may be static or. P The P modifier is ignored but is included only for. Read t he curr ent. Static sensitivity Better t han —1 02 dBm. Part 2 caboe Inte gratin g the Mode m. Additional commands may follow an extended syntax command on the. Integer Path Loss criterion parameter for ne ighbour cells.

Accessories, At commands, Type approval – Sony Ericsson GM29 User Manual

This command causes the MS to return a string containing information. When enab led, an inco ming call is indic ated to the T E with unsol icited. If the ne twork is available OK. Set Au tomat ic.

Accessories, At commands, Type approval | Sony Ericsson GM29 User Manual | Page 11 / 17

If the dial string is followed by a semicolon this informs the phone that. Signal strength may depend on how close the modem.


Using AT Commands 51 Part 1: Unsolicited result codes indicate the occurrence of an event not directly. String St ring in dicate s the co de for t he operat or. Integer type Two digits in decimal format.

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