Unlocked for use with any GSM carrier. VGA displays are unfortunately still rare on Windows Mobile phones, and when you do find them, they’re generally in larger, notebook substitute models like the HTC Advantage. In fact, the X was one of the few among the myriad camera phones we’ve reviewed that got the colors of the rocks correct in the sample photo to the right. The charger and USB cable are the same as those used on other recent Glofiish models. In terms of looks, E-TEN goes for a classic silver and black styling, but has added a few red flourishes.

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There’s an LED flash unit, which is quite powerful, and also a self-portrait mirror.

A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Indoor photos are usv than average in terms of noise and color bias and are generally brighter than expected.

First, they bundle a non-homebrew application that’s one of our favorites- the Today Screen plugin from Spb X00 Shell. It’s a nice improvement to the basic Windows Mobile networking control panel which provides very little connection information.

The high res option makes web browsing worthwhile– you really do see much more of the web page and it’s generally still readable adjust Text Size to increase font size if needed. Getting cards into the slot x80 no problem, but we found it rather fiddly to remove them, both because the slot itself is recessed a long way back and because the cover got in the way.

Eten Glofiish X Mobile Price, Specification & Features| Eten Mobiles on Sulekha

Performance is not a deal-breaker, but at times it can be a little irritating. Call clarity and volume through Bluetooth headsets was very good. E-TEN gives detailed battery ratings for the X quoting all of the following: But wait, there’s more– a business card scanner called namecard reader.


Battery is user replaceable. Despite the lack of those creature comforts, the rest of us won’t struggle to do common tasks glofiisu as dialing a number, getting to commonly used functions and applications.

The main camera has a helpful auto-focus facility and is also used in one of the many add-on applications offered by E-TEN, Namecard Manager. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: The film was quite watchable on the X, with some frame drops but overall fairly smooth playback with audio and video in sync. The back is silver plastic with the same black soft-touch finish in the area glofiih the camera lens and speaker grille. Conclusion The Glofiihs is highly specified, both in terms of hardware and software.

E-TEN Glofiish X800

Beneath the screen sit no fewer than eight shortcut buttons. To the left and right of the mini-joystick are the two softmenu buttons, one with a Home icon and one with a GPS icon. In terms of looks, E-TEN goes for a classic silver and black styling, but has added a few red flourishes.

Some business users may find it a little too consumer-focused for their needs, but the combination of 3. GPS, for example, is integrated into all its handhelds, from entry-level to glofiieh.

The Call and End buttons are on the far left and right edges of the button area, and are large and easy to hit accurately. There’s a microSD card slot on the bottom edge, protected z800 a hinged cover.


Eten GloFiish X USB Cradle

A notch above expectation. E-TEN has worked hard to cram functionality inside the device, though, and we must assume that there’s not a millimeter to spare. We’re happy to report that station numbers are now accurate they’d been off by 1 to 2 on previous models.

It’s spot on now, and the GPS gets a cold fix in under a minute, even indoors within 10 feet of a window on the ground floor of a two story building. You can launch the manager by tapping on the wireless section of the Today screen where the carrier name, WiFi and Bluetooth status display.

This gives you 4 compact tabs with battery status, favorite or recently used apps, the weather there’s no subscription charge for weather infovisual speed dial and world time. These include switching to landscape mode, changing profile, using the LED flash on the camera as a torch, accessing the calculator and bringing up the Windows Mobile Task Manager.

It’s located close to the bottom edge of the device, and so it can be difficult to get a purchase on. The X’s design is clever: The Home button brings up a finger-friendly palette of commonly used apps and functions and the voice command button brings up the very good Cyberon voice command program. The other bundled applications include: uzb

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