If significant non-albumin proteinuria is suspected, use assays for specific urine proteins e. The incidence and prevalence of tubular disorders will vary geographically with the clinical setting e. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. There is a substantial existing literature using the term microalbuminuria and many existing guidelines use this term especially in the context of diabetes and cardiovascular risk, as its presence confers risk. For our review of GFR estimating equations, we only considered equations that were developing using assays that were traceable to reference methods and study populations in which SCr concentration was measured using traceable assays Supplemental Table 1. Estimation of kidney function in cancer patients. The terms associated with each of the GFR categories are descriptors which need to be taken in the context of the individual and are all references to normal young adults.

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Below are examples of these conditions and the rationale for considering them as CKD:. In children the underlying conditions associated with the diagnosis of CKD are also important considerations as to which form of testing is most valuable.

High prevalence of immuno-unreactive intact albumin in urine of diabetic patients. When investigating patients for tubular proteinuria, it is advisable to use assays targeted at specific tubular proteins. The concentration of protein or albumin in a urine sample will be affected by hydration i.

Standardized assays and robust equations are important for epidemiological and planning purposes so that public policy can be informed by more accurate estimates of CKD, which may be possible with improved standardization of both assays and equations.

While these data are sparse in relation to overall adult numbers, this represents one of the largest pediatric nephrology trials. The cystatin C equation has similar accuracy to the creatinine equation adr30 above but does not require use of race, and may be more accurate in non-black, non-white populations or in clinical conditions with variation in non-GFR determinants of SCr. Urine protein estimation in hypertensive pregnancy: KDIGO clinical practice guideline axr30 the care of kidney transplant recipients.


Formed elements, such as cells, casts, crystals, and microorganisms may appear in the urine sediment in a variety of disorders of the kidney and urinary tract, but renal tubular cells, red blood cell RBC casts, white blood cell WBC casts, coarse granular casts, wide casts, and large numbers of dysmorphic RBCs are pathognomonic of kidney damage.

It will be important to communicate and coordinate efforts with the kidney disease subgroup for ICD As such laboratories measuring creatinine in infants or small children must ensure their lower calibration samples include the lowest end of the expected range of values for the group of interest. The simplest of such formula, using only height and SCr and a constant of either Implications for analysis of urinary albumin. Cystatin C is not a better estimator of GFR than plasma creatinine in the general population.

Complications may also arise from adverse effects of interventions to prevent or treat the disease and associated comorbidity.

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The principles inherent in this guideline are fully applicable to children. Note that mildly decreased kidney function G2 in the absence of other markers, does not constitute CKD.

The evidence base from which these statements are derived includes large observational cohort studies from diverse populations. They have also collected samples for ongoing and future genetic study. GFR is measured by the clearance of an exogenous or endogenous filtration marker.

Characterization of immunochemically nonreactive urinary albumin. Estimating glomerular filtration rate.

Chapter 1: Definition and classification of CKD

The clinician should remain aware of caveats for any estimating equation which may influence the accuracy in a given individual patient. Gdp proteinuria may also be suspected in patients with disorders of tubular function see Table 3. Implications for Clinical Practice and Public Policy Providers must incorporate cause of kidney disease, GFR category and albuminuria category in order to better develop an accurate assessment of an individual’s prognosis related to CKD.


In general the definition of CKD in adults applies to children birth years with the following exceptions or allowances:. Earlier detection of microalbuminuria in diabetic patients using a new urinary albumin assay.

The combination of reagent strips with automated reader devices can improve inter-operator variability. Table 18 Strengths and limitations of GFR measurement methods and markers. Kidney Damage Damage to the kidney can be within the parenchyma, large blood vessels or collecting systems, and is most often inferred from markers rather than direct examination of kidney tissue. A comparison between cystatin C, plasma creatinine and the Cockcroft and Gault formula for the estimation of glomerular filtration rate.

Numerous studies have identified the adverse prognostic implication of albuminuria irrespective of level of kidney function. In general, GFR estimating equations using creatinine include age, sex, race, and body size as surrogates for creatinine generation by muscle. While large scale trials in children relating cause, GFR and albuminuria or proteinuria are rare, the principles of a multimodal classification in these three spheres should apply to children.

Kidney transplant recipients have an increased risk of mortality and kidney outcomes compared to the general population and they require specialized medical management.

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