And God forbid someone try to rescue it from the dumpster. First computers I ever worked on. The monitor was in equally great condition, which I couldn’t believe. Other than that, they tend to make a point out of separating everything so they can sell it for more. I returned on sale day with the intention of buying the TI

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My edition has gateway to the savage frontier, Treasures of the savage frontier, hillsfar, Pool of radiance, curse of the azure bonds, secrets of the silver blades, and pools of darkness. My local Goodwills haven’t really had gaheway computers in years, just lots of keyboards, monitors, and parallel-port scanners.

I’ve never seen computers in them. I mean, come on! I quickly do the mandatory visual inspection and find no missing plastics or even metal expansion slot covers Skip to main content. When someone pays 5K for something, they’re apt to take better care of it than the one they buy for They were junk at the time, but they were a lot cleaner then the XT’s I see on eBay. Good story Eddie and Lol Terry.

The Goodwill stores just pile the stuff onto the shelves, and all electical items are grouped together Where I’m at, we have both the Salvation Army and Goodwill, but more than anything they’re clothing stores. There is a local thrift forget the name that has cheap prices but you rarely see a computer there, just pieces and parts of them keyboards, scanners, monitors, mice, consoles.


Odd bits of hardware from cryystalscan applications often mean awesome deals.

Vintage Gateway 2000 Computer Monitor Crystal Scan 1024 N1 PMV1448

I plugged it into one of the TVs they had, but it was dead the power light came on, but no crystalscna. When I would hit the power button it would flash on and off immediately. The seller has relisted this item or one like this. First computers I ever worked on.

You got a nice find there. The case also had very few and minor scuffs, the majority of which were surface stains that buffed out the second I rubbed them with my finger.

A few weeks ago I stopped at crrystalscan local Salvation Army store. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. They had a whole pile of them in a store room behind my classroom in middle school this was around And the prices are often insane. I had actually stopped at The Salvation Army store. The county school board here has auctions regularly where they sell old computer stuff.

F93 Computers collection on eBay!

I’m getting ready to wrap up and call it a day at the register, when I spot a strange little pizza box case burried under a bunch of old Altec speakers Crtstalscan to park a block away since the parking lot was full.


Then again, I’ve never been to a thrift shop to look for computers. Here in WA state, trash becomes public domain. I decided to visit the Goodwill store near my house, hoping for the best but ready for great disappointments. See full item description.

They just didn’t look right, so I moved on. The Salvation Army near me is much better organized, but also has a much smaller selection of electronics.

Gateway 2000 CrystalScan YE0711-01

Not bad for a machine that will likely serve a single purpose at some point. And if they’re selling any stereo systems or computers, they usually have them all hooked up and ready to be tried out.

I mean, that doesn’t even make sense. Okay, that one wasn’t crydtalscan as exciting, but it was still a somewhat cool find.

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