You may not have to do this — it depends on whether your provider is known in the standard list. There is a now a sourceforge project dedicated to the Ericsson Mobile Broadband modules. Just to make things extra confusing and harder to find they removed the actual card model number from the description. Either way, all the drivers are much newer: I installed Windows 7 on it soon after, having heard that almost all hardware devices worked under Windows 7.

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No antenna and no sim-card slot. For a bug as huge as that to be released into the public, no matter what label you give it, is a sign of a rotten development process.

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Ericsson g mobile broadband modem

Realized I’d might have to set up the APN, which was easily done by right clicking the connection, and typing in the APN for the company. The “cold start” seems to take quite a bit however, and sometimes it cannot get a fix if indoors. Mobile broadband device not found.


To initiate the connection, send.

For the first approach, the easiest way to do it is to use wvdial. Yes, resetting the defaults on the BIOS worked for me too – one day my ericsson card had completely disappeared from my X, no mention of it in device mgr, no event log entries, nothing; I even tried re-installing Windows 7 and that had 3507y fixed it.

Using Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband Module with Dell Studio XPS 1645

Once you get a fix, you can use your favourite GPS mapping application like tangogps. I have recently upgraded the system to Windows 7, and have installed the Windows 7 drivers for the Ericsson FG, along with version 5.

After installing wammu with the usual apt-get install wammu or whateverchoose to configure it “Manually”:. Either way, all the drivers are much newer: This may or may not be a bug.

So here is the final Update. It seems default behaviour is a best signal approachand roaming policies. Under certain circumstances the device may disappear completely from your system or refuse to connect to a network even though everything worked fine up to now. Message 7 of To get GPS to work: Regards – Fabse Additional Contact can be done to my email: If the problem persists, contact your network administrator and provide the troubleshooting information below.


I installed it and it worked.

One great feature about this is that once the radio is enabled you have two ways of getting online. Same problem on X When I deactivated and activated my wireless lan a couple of times, ending with deactivating itI suddenly saw the name of my broadband company. I bought my T erucsson it was few months old and I have been using it over a year.

How to get GPS working? (Ericsson FG) – Thinkpads Forum

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sricsson Both links get you to the same software. It comes as a Setup. Last edited by a moderator: Message 10 of Press F10 to save and exit.

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