From what I have read on this site, a few of you have sent yours in and received them back in record time. During the return shipping, they had placed the AC adapter on the top-side of my computer, leaving significant scratches and gouges on the pristine surface. I have to say thanks to HP, I did have a good experience with them standing by their product even though mine was out of warranty, but it was a lot of hoops to jump through. I will update on the return of the laptop. The n wireless card failure intermittent.. If the Recovery Disc Creation software displays this error it means that you have already created a set of recovery disks for your computer. Now after the fix working for so long, the pc decides to stop booting up… the display freezes at the system and video bios shadowed.

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I just bought a DV computer last week. It was the TV out that was why I got it in the first place. By the way matt, what model of HP did U have?

After the fourth day, today, i contacted them again, and i told them, that my laywer had asked me to xl them before he serves legal dv9930ks, as according to australian law, a repair is not legally a repair unless it completely fixes the problem, and as my laptop had been previously fixed on warranty, but the problem has presisted, i am owed a complete repair. To fix it is about RM usd.


My ethernet port works, and a quick solution around this would be to purchase a wireless usb adapter, but has anyone found a fix for this problem yet? It will not work with DVDs. Dv9930ys time the repair support service has been excellent, but I would not recommend the HP product itself after such a sub-standard performance. I am in no doubt fighting HP about this, and they will replace this if I have anything to say about it.


If so, click Yes. If you opted for a Dvv9930us flash drive, the next screen will allow you to select what drive to use.

Hi buddy, did your problem resolve? Can anyone help with this situation, even if they may have a fix for the audio or do I have to send the laptop back to HP.

HP Recovery Disk: Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

I was wondering if this is a known issue with these laptops. I even called them and they said I had to send it there. Any chanse they will fix even after I have opened the laptop? Being a businessman myself laptop becomes a necessity for me. It was finally fixed, and i took it home, only to see that, every time i turned it on, it turned of.

Direct them to the HP site as I did with my rep and explain to them that this issue is known to HP and anyone who owns one of these models. Should I keep it or not? I have always done this with laptops because I know how hot they run and if it is flat on a zp, the fan is effectivly useless, a bit like when you block the pipe on a hoover, no air can flow through and the hoover strains.

Your notebook will have to be sent into HP to be repaired. Just remember to back up everything before you send it off, as they cp restore your laptop to factory condition. Now after the fix working for so long, the pc decides to stop booting up… the display freezes at the system and video bios shadowed.


Replacing the hard drive to fix a screen issue is a little weird, maybe they ticked the wrong box…. Less than four months after his computer was returned, but after the warranty period expired, the display went black again.

Download Notebook HP (惠普) Pavilion dvus Windows XP drivers and software.

My DV is about 1 or 2 months out of the 1-yr warranty, and low and behold, wake up this morning and screen is blank. Its still under warranty. They are sending me a box. I rarely turn off the computer fearing I can not get it started when X push the start button.

HP Pavilion dv9930us Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers Download

I was informed previous to speaking with the case manager that my model did not fall into the free enhancement program. Select the drive where your USB flash drive is available and free to use.

My intent now is to advertise just how bad the HP Pavilion dv series notebooks really are. When this issue happens again, which I already have evidence of in the form of pictures and video, I am going to get them to send me a box so I can send them a PC that has been run over repeatedly by my car and then I am going to videotape fv9930us buying a Dell computer. A warning message will appear.

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