I think their API is here http: I do not understand how it makes you a webcam. Roman, Thank you for the help. Skype Compatibility To make the device work with Skype, it is necessary to: I’m doing my own filter: Monday, March 16, 1: Does anyone have any axis capture code they would like to share?

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webcamXP – Download

You can capture and stream your IP camera remotely over the internet by setting up external remote access. It supports user authentication and https: Tuesday, March 17, 7: I need to track IP address of all cameras then put it into cameea database. This is a free DirectShow filter you can try using. I can’t get or set this value the ip addr programmatically in main application. Once the right settings are in place and working there should be no need to edit the settings again so the issue should not reoccur.

Friday, March 13, 5: Thank you again, Daniel Koch. I think it will be hard to do working directly with sockets to do this.


If you notice this issue as well, bring up the properties window only once. Open Broadcaster Software, XSplit, etc.

Axis IP camera using DirectShow

Could you help me which of your work is suitable for me? I have Windows 7 64 bit. I do not understand how it makes you a webcam. But it’s pi, there isn’t other way: This is a proprietary interface, so you must get the interface definition and parameters from the vendor. Throttling — to lower effective FPS and reach certain target FPS of interest — on my filter is possible, however it is not the best way to approach the problem.

Azcendant IP Camera Filter: Click Save and close the properties window.

We found VMix to be not only more cost effective but also significantly less resource intensive. Future versions of the driver might implement auto-detection.

Tuesday, March 17, 2: If your camera supports H.

How to stream your IP camera using Flash Media Live Encoder or any other live encoder

I’m doing my own filter: Set the video source device to VMix Video. Select the Stream tab. For JPEG snapshots it is possible to copy image shortcut from web browser and paste address into device settings.


Edited by Daniel Koch M. First of all you can check Axis software, I am sure they provide a camer for this. Then I’d looked to your code, and today I’ve created an Axis class that get image from camera using WinHttp.

Recently I have to deal with similar case to get video fed into my application via DirectShow, but the IP camera provided can only stream H.

We present our four preferred methods below and if neither of them work for you, you can try the four other solutions listed under ‘ Other options ‘. Download and install ManyCam from http: It is necessary to provide video size of the footage in advance so that the driver could negotiate content media types without accessing the device.

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