The above image shows the clarity of blue text and you can see no red or pink shadowing here as some have reported. Maybe some users notice it to a larger degree, but if you do, return the screen to Dell for a replacement. At default settings, the screen reaches a very impressive 0. At the time, we discussed the changes offered with the new model, and also covered in detail some issues which were being reported along with the improvements that were made. There is no preset mode for “office” or “text”, so best to calibrate the custom mode to your liking.

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I activated the DCR in the OSD and measured the two extremes of brightness and darkness where the backlight intensity was being regulated. Out of the box the screen looked nice and bright and colours felt vivid 240fpw quite attractive.

Interestingly I tested this again once the monitor had been allowed to warm up for a period of time over half an hour.

Dell wfp 24″ LCD Monitor Power Supply Board 5E0CT | eBay

Poor default colour accuracy, you will need to calibrate properly. In office use, the changing backlight levels can be annoying and 2408ffpw, but in movies and games it can be handy to help bring out detail in darker scenes and brighten the lighter scenes. Size 24″WS Colour Depth Let’s take a look at the screen’s specs: Dell have confirmed the panel is S-PVA technology, but we have yet to see a matching del module from Samsung.


All in all, the functionality and connectivity of the WFP is fantastic, and even exceeds the WFP model before it. Dell WFP front and side views. As you can see from our tests, the screen showed on average a With the monitor’s plug and play capabilities, your computer automatically dwll the hardware and optimizes its settings.

This is handy for movie viewing as it makes everything look bright and colourful Panel uniformity is mosly very good, but the slight leakage of backlight from the corners might become apparent in low light conditions or where a black border is present Movie noise dfll average on the S-PVA panel, but not really a problem from a couple of metres away – a sensible viewing distance for a screen this size.

Skip to main content. This was taken when the monitor had only be switched on for a 2408fw moments.

All in all, no complaints with the viewing angles really. Most impressively the colour accuracy was improved drastically, with dE average being only 0. This device meets the EPA guidelines for energy efficiency with a standard power consumption of 57 watts, and a maximum of watts, during normal operations and less than 2 watts in sleep mode.

Colour Gradients and Banding? Storing it above this limit may result in damaging the display. The Dell UltraSharp WFP monitor has plenty of functionality and features for high-end users who use high-demand software. At the time, we discussed the changes offered with the new model, and also covered in detail some issues which were being reported along with the improvements that were made.


In simple terms, the lower these bars are down the Y-axis, the better, in terms of colour accuracy. If eell have a DVI graphics card and vell most people would have nowadays! For example, by using FRC, a 6-bit display panel is able to show See details for description of any imperfections. LaCie would consider colour accuracy to be excellent here, and this was certainly a very pleasing improvement to the default factory settings.

Privacy Policy and Cookies. I got this monitor because I wanted a high quality monitor. Again, this was one of the early reported ‘issues’ with the screen, with users reporting that the WFP’s input lag was very high.

24″ LCD Roundup

The images below show the best case example on the left hand side, and the worst case example on the right hand side. In our subjective opinion, Dell’s LCDs continue to be some of the most attractive offerings on the market.

This desktop monitor offers a No real issues here with the WFP.

This is why we see more vivid and deep shades of green, even to the naked eye, with this type of screen. Calibrated Settings, Custom Preset mode. Another of the early reported issues with the screen is that the text can appear with shadows, and the sharpness is some how not correct.

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