It has two views, one with a simple list view, and another with picture thumbnails for each entry. I bought the TH55 because I needed er, maybe just wanted a PDA with a nice, big screen, great battery life, modest multimedia functionality, and wireless networking capabilities. Models with Bluetooth functionality have a fourth light for its connection and standby modes. Flash is something that started out as a way to make small, animated movies and has grown to the point where full-blown applications and whole web sites are written in it. I honestly have no idea how long it will take, and Sony’s website claims 15 days of “normal” use. On the TH55, it is located on the back, near the top, above the camera lens. Diagonals are much harder on the T3 than the T1 where they were already lacking a little.

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In addition, the Jog Dial on the back is in the wrong place if you are going to use it and two of the front buttons to simulate a D-pad, as plenty of games do. Brightness adjustment and calculator buttons are only available when the DIA is expanded. The left side of the TH55 is almost crowded with buttons. Coie only problem I have with the TH is that the stylus sucks eggs. There are a lot of orphaned files that get left on your PDA that are worth getting rid of to free up memory.


Too cool, I’ll check it out. Nobody has ever, in the history of t5h5 Palm OS forums, asked ‘Please sony, make the buttons smaller! The CO uses a tabbed interface to enable fast switching between each of its dlie applications.

The camera is useless. And guess who’s PDA will be in a landfill dump?

Sony CLIÉ PEG-TH55 – Wikipedia

PalmReader and TealDoc are among those, and they both look very nice in landscape mode. Granted, putting your hand into the correct position to fully use the jog dial and navigational region takes a little extra time and more-or-less precludes the use of a standard casebut I think it’s worth it.

A neat change is the translucent cover, previous covers wear and fall apart, also it being clear helps to see whats noted when the alarm sounds. Only a few drawbacks. That’s why Sony made the Migration tool.

You will barely ever charge this thing because it usess unique technology in saving battery life. However, I want to emphasize that this is a viewer.

Click here for the full story discussion page It locks lightly into the extended position, but not when collapsed.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I think a flip cover should be standard on every handheld.

Sony just doesn’t want to make PDAs. Pressing the back button selects a tab, scrolling with the jog dial moves between tabs.


Sony Japan Unveils the Clie TH55 and TJ37

I ordered mine from ecost. Next to that is the record light, which glows red during voice recording. It’s worth mentioning that the battery software seems to display percentage not just based on volts, but cliie current energy draw which I think is pretty common.

I did, however, have some problems with my connection dropping off unexpectedly at c,ie lower strengths when I was using the power save feature. PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way.

The screen is used as the viewfinder. Don’t just idly remove it for no reason, reinserting it scratches up the hinge a bit.

Sony CLIE PEG-TH55 review: Sony CLIE PEG-TH55 – CNET

One of my favorites makes every page into one long column. It also contains a collection of multimedia samples, in the form of sounds, movies, flash files, and pictures. Rechargable LiIon Poly Connectivity: Sounds great but lacks vision. The buttons come preprogrammed as follows ckie left to right: I messed up my first T series this way

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