May 6th, at 2: October 3rd, at 3: I bet aluminum foil would work or pretty much any opaque thing. August 20th, at 6: I covered the little window by matching its color and the printer now sees them as being full. Push cartridge until it clicks.

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December 20th, at 9: April 7th, at 4: November 25th, at If you want to contact me in a more private manner, e-mail peter keung. Boo greedy companies, Hooray! However, if someone else does, please post a comment. I mc-410cn see the ink in the cartridges when i flipped them around but the printer always would say its empty.

April mfc-4110cn, at 4: Can someone tell me which brand is the most honest, or the least crooked regarding cartridges? June 17th, at 1: I also found a program for Epson printers which could reset the cartridge from Windows: If this is the case, shake it some, seal it tightly in a Ziploc bag and place it n warm water, until you see the ink moving freely in the cartridge.


October 30th, at 9: That you so much for this trick. After so many years this page is still important.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

March 19th, at 7: Very helpful Helpful Not helpful. By continuing to browse you are accepting our Privacy Brother mfc — cn printer. The cartridge model is LC71 followed by the colour letter. For some reason, Brother ink cartridges dry out quite quickly.

Didnt have electric tape but blue painters tape worked wonders. Thank you sooo much!!

November 5th, at October 22nd, borther 2: I looked all over the house for some electric Tape. August 21st, at 5: January 12th, at 2: My brother printed in black. When it dies, no more Brother printers in this house! It appears my printer is more sensitive to shades, so the tape did the trick. Add Printer Wizard Driver.

I had some very important things to fax over to a company and the tape thing did the trick. Thank You very much. Years after your original post with the tape idea it is still working even on newer printers!


Absolutely brilliant tip — took me a couple of goes as my tape was too large, but now works perfectly Thanks. SUPA thank you for the advice, it worked out great.

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