This is necessary for later , to know which directoy to use on the driver CD the orange and yellow CD to load onboard sound,graphics vga Lan Modem etc. Yeah, we’ve got it. Tue May 08, 9: See how neat it fits in there? Here’s the same picture again, but smaller so you can see the whole thing at once. It’s got an Intel ibased motherboard, which like other series boards for instance, reviewed in the same article as the In Win case has video and sound hardware built in, and also includes a network adapter.

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FS: Barebones BookPC 500MHz Intel i810/C-Media Audio/LAN/56K/TV-out

I simply pressed those in with a very thin srewdriver while I wiggled and pulled on each wires until I was able to remove the wires that I needed. It’s an i box like any other, and it’s not too hard to make Linux work bli810 machines. It’s a proper computer with no bki80 capabilities to speak of, granted, but it’s a proper PC.

Thu May 10, It looks quite professional eh?

Amptron BKi () Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows XP, NT4

To open the little Patriot remove the 3 phillips screws at the back and pull the casebackward ,you will be able to se inside the case now. Osman Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: The ones show in yellow are the ones I used, but as long as you get the right colors you can use different black ones if you want.


At a glance, bki801 think it was a diskless workstation or WinCE machine. It’s a marketing term intended to encourage people to buy things which they might not consider if the things were more honestly described.

Little boxes like this work well as Linux terminals, and the Book PC is quite well supported by Linux.

Advent book PC, Model No. BKi – Hardware Support – UKT Support – Message Board

Mar 7, Posts: I’ve run the following processors on them Celron , – They all overclock stable at 83 does not overclock well. Temna Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Pins one to three are numbered down the left, and numbers bki80, five and six are to the right in this picture.

I have one of these boxes and they are pretty cool. Carnagecjb Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. The Book PC isn’t aimed at rabid bargain hunters, though. All the ports are exposed, no cutting was necessary.


The idea is to give the customer all of the bits they need, in one neat little package, ready to rock and roll without any extra configuring or fooling around.

Posted 06 December – Not a great bargain Very little expansion possible. Is this the one with an RCA-connector digital midem out? The large fan under the Watt PSU will certainly be more than enough to keep everything nice and cool. Bki10 in winmodem on a connector. It’s only a small computer, measuring only about 12″ long by 11″ wide and a little over 3″ thick. Here’s the right way to look at the six pin plug for the Bki Book PC’s motherboard.

You won’t get away for much less than that, for a full Book PC-based computer. I’ve forgotten my password. The Book PC’s name is a bit optimistic, unless you’re comparing it with a phone book. Well, that’s not really what this thing’s good for.

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