Sealed contacts with mercury-wetted contacts have longer operating lives and less contact chatter than any other kind of relay. Low standby power c This ensures continuity of the circuit between the moving contacts on the armature, and the circuit track on the printed circuit board PCB via the yoke , which is soldered to the PCB. However, they have relatively low switching current and voltage ratings. A latching relay also called “latch”, “impulse”, “bistable”, “keep”, or “stay” relays maintains either contact position indefinitely without power applied to the coil. Mercury-wetted relays make and break circuits using a thin, self-renewing film of liquid mercury.

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Silver or silver-plated contacts are used for signal switching. We use this information to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors on this website and other media. The S single or D double designator for the pole count may be replaced with a number, indicating multiple bistavle connected to a single actuator.

Bistable Relay

Chassis Comfort and Convenience Emissions. Bistablr total continuous current per pole: I’ve been trying to design a latching relay driver circuit, with using a push-button switch.

The use of relays for the logical control of complex switching systems like telephone exchanges was studied by Claude Shannonwho formalized the application of Boolean algebra to relay circuit design in A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits.

During an arc event, the heat energy contained in the electrical arc is very high tens of thousands of degrees Fahrenheitcausing the metal on the contact surfaces to melt, pool, and migrate with the current.


Inside the 1ESS switch matrix switch and certain other high-reliability designs, the reed switches are always switched “dry” without load to avoid that problem, leading to much longer contact life.

In addition, the relays have high vibration and shock resistance.

Relay – Wikipedia

Since relays are switchesthe terminology applied to switches is also applied to relays; a relay switches one or more poleseach of whose contacts can be thrown by energizing the coil. A latching relay also called “latch”, “impulse”, “bistable”, “keep”, or “stay” relays maintains either contact position indefinitely without power applied to the coil.

Low power devices such as microprocessors can drive bistablle to control electrical loads beyond their direct drive capability.

Can you provide some explanation of the circuit, and how does this circuit answer OP question. A solid-state contactor is a heavy-duty solid state relay, including the necessary heat sink, used where frequent on-off cycles are required, such as with electric heaters, small electric motorsand lighting loads.

Most relays are manufactured to operate quickly. If you decline, your information won’t be tracked when you visit this website. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow us to remember you.

Many relays use an electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch, but other operating principles are also used, such as solid-state relays. Bustable, inductive loads can cause more destructive make arcs.

Hayden, New York, ; large parts of the 5th edition are on line here Archived at the Wayback Machine. Relay logic is the predecessor of ladder logicwhich is commonly used in programmable logic controllers. Only a low nominal power level is required. Without adequate contact protectionthe occurrence of electric current arcing causes significant degradation of the contacts, which suffer significant and visible damage.


Modern microprocessor-based timing relays provide precision timing over a great range. Any help is appreciated. If the coil is designed to be energized with alternating current ACsome method is used to split the flux into two out-of-phase components which add together, increasing the minimum pull on the armature during the AC cycle.

relau Typical Application Circuit VO output 1, then the load. A polarized relay places the armature between the poles of a permanent magnet to increase bstable. Post as a guest Name. This website stores cookies on your computer. A pulse to one coil turns the relay on and a pulse to the opposite coil turns the relay off. By clicking bistxble Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Retrieved October 9, The Sound Engineering Magazine. When an inductance is connected to a power source, an input surge current or electromotor starting current larger than the steady-state current exists.

Features manually-operated, foot-operated, and mechanically-operated switches; and switches operated by temperature or pressure.

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