How do they work? Simply put, this is a very cheap and easy way to start controlling your audio software. Then i tried putting the BCR into one of the stand alone modes and hooking it up to the PC via another midi interface. I assigned 28 of the 32 rotary knobs, and all 16 of the assignable buttons to different parameters of the Reaktor goBox ensemble, and it rocked the computer harder than it’s been rocked before. I found myself not thinking twice about using it as a transport.

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I am a Mac user, and as usual, the support for the Mac is lagging substantially. This will be set via:.

I guess I could just use it like this, but it seems strange that the USB driver didnt’ work properly. If you wished to also have bidirectional bbcr2000 with a computer, and have the knob data available on both the computer and the Chroma, you might use a configuration similar to that below:. I’m still getting used to the idea of hardware faders and buttons that talk to my virtual mixer.

With the BCR controller this is reality — intuitive control bdr2000 a real hands-on feel!

BCR2000 Set Up

Hardware Enhancement for Your Digital Workflow. Twiddling a knob shows no singla in Live either. Live performance is where this thing really shines.


Mon Nov 28, 2: Tried sending firmware updates and new presets using midi-ox, but still no joy. Fri Feb 24, 1: The BCR is a general controller. This makes for a more involved live performance — more fun for you, and more entertaining for the crowd. After no success getting Cubase SX3 to talk with the fader box in generic controller and Mackie mode, I trolled the forums and found that the Mackie HUI emulation was working for other users.

If you wished to also have bidirectional communications with a computer, and have the knob data available on both the bcr20000 and the Chroma, you might use a configuration similar mid that below: What was programmed into the BCR Once the.

Sign in Recover your password. After a lot of configuring I held in my hands a box of blinking buttons -each light Then I installed driver 1. Dunno, I’m still stuck at work and can’t check my settings.

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Anyone have similar problems? For the sake of this discussion and the resulting example. Both controllers are equipped with a simple LED display reflecting the active function. All Hands on Deck The incredible BCR is an innovative control surface with a total of 32 rotary encoders for the ultimate control of virtual synths, samplers, effects and signal processors.


Wed Mar 16, 2: More easily, one bcr20000 the two commonly available editors can be used to create presets for the BCR.

Rhodes Chroma · Behringer BCR BCR Set Up

To customize your controller settings MIDI channels, button behavior, etc. For the money, nothing comes close for features.

Save up a hundred hsb, buy a used BCR or something similarand start kicking ass. For instance, you could have each of those four banks control a different FX rack in Ableton.

Behringer BCR Rotary Knob USB Midi Controller | eBay

Assign mixi dedicated knob or button to your most frequently used functions and make edits, all without ever touching a mouse. I can’t get back to the generic usb driver, it says “no driver files have been backed up for this device” when i try to roll back the driver. I personally have no Behringer horror stories to share. I’m happy with both control surfaces, but I hope Mac support improves. To adjust this setting, power up the BCR Subscribe for free here.

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