So, I found the last know drivers for XP — the 5. So it is most of all hardware problem of my speakers. Is there a chance I can get it? Thanks again for doing this. Somehow I found your page, and I have a Vortex 2 card, so I snagged the file, but I don’t know what file I should run under Vista to install these drivers. Module-au maybe this could help with 64bit?

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This is pretty old, and link is dead, but Works good, on Win7 32bit. So don’t like the word “Reverb”?

Drivers for AUREAL AU Sound for Windows XP

While Creative’s EAX used a fixed set of standard reverb filters for different environments aureall that time like “living room”; “cathedral” etc. Maybe some installation instructions? A3D was able to calculate the waveforms of sounds according to the reflections of the surfaces they had passed. You should maybe submit the fix to Softpedia, Major Geeks, BetaNews and other such sites so it is easy to find during google searches and the like.


Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers.

Aureal Vortex2 SQ (AU) Driver – Windows XP/ bit | Aureal

When I tried installing it, I got “page fault in nonpaged area”. Aureal released some Versions of a beta reference driver for Windows Quick but serious question: The problem is the communication between driver and AU88xx.

Maybe this information will be useful to anybody. With the release of the latest Win 9x refrerence drivers, even soundfont support was added, so there was no need to buy a Creative card anymore.

Log in or Sign up. I guess I should be more careful with the terms I use since you seems to be too much biased towards that aurael years old “EAX vs. Thanks again for doing this.

Aureal Sound Card Drivers Download

When I removed the card and examined it Rubycon capacitors: Creative Labs bought all assets, know how and technology of Aureal. It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, etc.

But now I downloaded your modified drivers and will give another try for win7. Does anybody have same behaviour?

Aureal Vortex2 SQ2500 (AU8830) Driver

The only way for me to add bit support would be if I had the source code to these drivers and could re-compile them for bit addressing. Keep up good work! Most likely most of not-so-simple audio controllers use similar scheme.


This old article is still getting a lot audeal attention, apparently.

I so remember when Turtle Beach was the shiznit. Could you help me out please?

These drivers still do auureal have A3D enabled. They should work in Windows Vista bit as well. Edited at What approach did you use for the kX project? So I think they have the source code and did some quick ports for their newer Windows versions. During the late s, Aureal has been Creative’s most dangerous competitor.

This work fine with this modified driver.

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