I initially thought this card was the reason for the blue screen as System Profiler showed it as not having drivers loaded for the Parent components of the video cards. The “exotic” patches for the modify? I can play SC2 with ultra settings on a 24′ Dell monitor. This thread is about pre Mac Pros, aty hoolockparent all. Hopefully it will be a pain free experience. If any of you get a , let me know how it is. Thanks again for your time and input.

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Apple Radeon / in pre Mac Pro’s: What We Know So Far | Page 6 | MacRumors Forums

I haven’t timed this, but it is on the order of minutes. Goolockparent OS sees thebut doesn’t think there are displays attached. Are you running a hackintosh, or actual Mac Pro? This is consistent behavior. Look to have the same number of ports, not sure if there are other technological differences under the scenes.


iPhoto [9.2.1] cannot be opened because of a problem [FIX = update to iPhoto 9.2.2]

Dec 1, 2: Just ahy confirm then If so, what’s the best way to go about determining which might be bad? This is an image that anandtech captured while atyy was evaluating and fooling around with an early Mac Pro. If you reply to this email, your message will be added to the discussion below:. My has the soundbar, and can process audio over hdmi. I didin’t think those addon parts were normally sold in store?

When I got it at work, it was in a box inside a box inside a box. It’d be nice if Apple’s DisplayPort on the worked.

New user, crash on startup (Mac), advice?

I was hoping to upgrade the GT in my first gen MP but it looks like this might be the end of the road for it. It isn’t OS agnostic or universal or backward compatible.

On snow leopard those correspond to just BaseSystem. Thanks again for your time and input. In reply to this post by BobCollins another thought: Aug 10, Posts: Thanks Oliver for the information, I never heard about something like Videobios in Mac.! All replies Drop Down menu. Vanilla aty hoolockparent installed from np snow leopard disk with all apple patches to get to.


Troubleshooting – New user, crash on startup (Mac), advice?

I think it was because I was running a non-reference card, along with a xt. Hopefully over the weekend I will know a bit more. I can’t downgrade from Lion to Snow Leopard now User profile for user: Wed Sep 15, 9: Tue Sep 21, A module that develops more than one correctable error in a very long time is Bad.

Mon Sep 20, 9: I installed the on my Mac Pro 1. Aug 4, Posts: Available versions for gcc:

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