Cheaper, more stylish, and just as well, if not better built. Between Msi and Asus Henris , Dec 21, , in forum: Market niche By bringing out the MN ASUS continues fragmenting the market niche of actively travelers and offers a wide choice of notebooks satisfying various needs. The Asus M5n on campus view larger image. The power supply connector is on the left moved from the right side and IEEE in place of the Kensington lock.

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With its diminutive size and weight it is easy to carry it in a backpack with a few textbooks. Aside from these hindrances to using the laptop as a university student, it is a wonderful computer to be able to tote around.

The M5N I purchased arrived at the shop as a barebones unit. With the provided Synaptics software, the touchpad can be programmed so that specific sections of the pad can be tapped to launch any program you like or you can choose from a host of other functions.

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BioShock Infinite and Metro: Are there any other laptops I’m missing? Worthy of Mention The touchpad with its creative design is also highly configurable. Nikolai Dorofeev niko ixbt. The advantage is really great. The Asus M5n on campus view larger image. If you want a good keyboard though, go with the IBM.


What Notebook Should I Buy? The one glaring omission that might be expected for this type of laptop, ports-wise, is the S-Video Out port.


Since I’m not in this category of users, I can’t estimate prospects of this model but I think it will takes a certain market share. The underside of the Asus M5N.

On higher settings level 3 is as high as you can go on battery power the battery is quickly drained as the processor speeds up and LCD brightens up.

I have been extremely pleased with it and thus far any issues that have popped up have only been minor annoyances that have been solved to my satisfaction. I know things, things that could get me killed Thinkpad T Besides, I haven’t found any advantages when handling the touchpad, however, the MN looks even more effective.

Log in or Sign up. Now comes 3D graphics. The same attractive backlighted power button: As a no-frills type of person I took an instant liking to the simplistic design of this laptop. All other functions work similarly to the SN. However, it wasn’t a free operation – MN is 0.


Share M52000 Page Tweet. Going towards the rear, is the grill for the output of the fan, the 2 remaining USB 2. With any of these profiles you still retain the ability to modify the laptops settings.

Ports With the Asus M5N you get a host of well placed ports that would satisfy the average user. The standard 2 hour battery will not be enough though for those long days and m520, especially when you have wireless access enabled.

Besides, there’s now a speaker underneath. And there is a balance that you can strike with these programs that allows you to trickle the asu down to a mere whisper while not compromising the CPU.

For students or frequent commuters that require a modestly priced portable personal computer, the M5N is the sub-notebook to choose.

Now comes line supply.

Well, the touchpad with an aluminum frame looks really effective. Besides, the run-down life is shorter. Your name or email address:

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