Open in a new tab. Facilitated by a fundamental redesign, the iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated x frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps full frame , whilst maintaining quantitative stability throughout. The image shows almost the entire array of chromospheric elements – the dark sunspot and bright flare in the lower right, the bright magnetic network and dark filament running diagonally, and small brightenings from acoustic shocks scattered in the lower left. The significant speed boost offered in the iXon Ultra facilitates a new level of temporal resolution to be attained, ideal for speed challenged low-light applications such as super-resolution microscopy, single molecule tracking, ion signalling, cell motility, single photon counting, lucky astronomy and adaptive optics. Light levels become more challenging still when combined with low light optical sectioning modalities, making EMCCD ultrasensitivity all the more necessary. Live cultured neurons labeled with fluorescent proteins at the post-synaptic density Homer1-protein with DRONPA and the pre-synaptic domain Synapsin-protein with mEos2. Add to Quote Basket Quick Quote.

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iXon EMCCD Camera Series

By submitting this form I agree that Oxford Instruments will process my data in the manner described in the Privacy Policy. Ideal detectors should thus have high quantum efficiency and reduced source of noise in order to optimize the detection limit.

Photometry unlocks 3D information from 2D localization microscopy data. The color scale corresponds to the position of the ventral bottom plasma membrane in relation to the extracellular environment.

Absolute bioluminescence imaging at the single-cell level with a light signal at the Attowatt level Chaurasiya K.

DA neurons make up one of the early alarm systems of the fly larva. Note, often high-end confocal systems are equipped with a second Andor Zyla sCMOS camera to access the highest possible resolution and field of view, provided the sample is sufficiently bright.


Happy holidays from all of the team at Scientifica! You can withdraw your consent at any time. Towards single molecule biosensors using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy.

Facilitated by a fundamental redesign, the iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated x frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps full framewhilst maintaining quantitative stability throughout. Website by Miramar Communications Ltd.

Single-shot imaging of zndor Bose-Einstein condensed photon gas. This image combines diffraction-limited resolution with a large 4 x 4 arcminute field of view that allows us to clearly see the large-scale organization provided by the Sun’s magnetic fields.

Fast live-cell conventional fluorophore nanoscopy with ImageJ through super-resolution radial fluctuations Morisaki T. The reconstructed super-resolution images are displayed in panels bdfand h. This flare led to a aneor Coronal Mass Ejection.

The advantage of bioluminescence microscopy over fluorescence microscopy relies on the absence of autofluorescent background, and, since no light source is necessary to ixo the probe, photobleaching or phototoxic effects are remarkably reduced. Active Pixels Active Pixels. Website by Miramar Communications Ltd. To this day they remaining the dominant detector type, operating in a low light regime that is less suited to even back-illuminated sCMOS cameras, especially under the critically demanding conditions of minimized fluorophore photobleaching.

OptAcquire – Optimize the highly flexible iXon for different application requirements at the click of a button. The iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated x frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, anodr speed performance to ixoh outstanding 56 fps full framewhilst maintaining single photon sensitivity and quantitative stability throughout.

Stable, small, specific, ixkn quantum dots for single-molecule imaging Hu M. Images were acquired using iXon Ultra installed a custom-built super-resolution microscopy system. Microtubules in a hypocotyl cell adjacent to the coverslip showed individual microtubules with EGFP and mCherry fluorescent proteins with a 60x oil objective.


Each of the model types listed are available in both ‘Ultra’ and ‘Life’ platforms. The summed fluorescence images are displayed in panels aceand g. Perfect for single molecule detection and live cell microscopy with minimized phototoxicity or photobleaching, but at a price not normally associated with high-performance EMCCD cameras.

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Quantum entanglement understanding is the basis of the growing fields of quantum computing and quantum cryptography. Whilst affording superb confocality and low rates of phototoxicity, spinning disk experiments are inherently photon starved, by virtue of the photon rejection implicit to optical sectioning.

Overclocked to 17 MHz readout – Sndor frames to 56 fps full frame ; fps with x cropped sensor mode. However, bioluminescent proteins have relatively weak brightness compared with fluorophores.

iXon EMCCD Camera Series – Andor – Oxford Instruments

Fluorescence images of focal adhesions in CHO cells on the homogeneous a—d and nm fibronectin patterns e—h. At Scientifica we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us. The extremely low noise of the iXon Ultra coupled with the new overclocked speed performance will place this model at the forefront of consideration when it comes to upgrading the high end imaging performance of your laboratory.

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