You may also be interested in Does NOT work on Windows 7. The combination of high NIR sensitivity with absolutely no etaloning , Cooling down to 45oC below ambient results in a low dark current contribution. His most recent tome is Confessions of an Alien Hunter: The iKon-L offers outstanding resolution, field of view, sensitivity and dynamic range performance. Imaris Vantage Flyer 2 pg Imaris Vantage flyer.

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The high performance compact spectrograph.

Tailored to dimensions of the iKon-XL. The ILE benefits from more than 10 years global field experience in the design and manufacture of laser engines, an installed base approaching six hundred users and exploits the best technologies from Andor and Spectral Applied Research. Characterization of Solar Cells. He has an undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton University, and a doctorate in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology.

Product Model Please Select Available with a range of sensor QE coatings, in both standard and deep depletion formats the latter for extended NIR coverage ikonn, the model also offers the absolute best CCD performance available, combining exceptionally low read noise of 2. When combined with its low noise and small pixels, the Alta F makes an ideal solution for OEM applications, biological and physical sciences. Part andorr the Oxford Instruments Group Expand.


OptoSplit II The Optosplit II image splitter is a andr and elegant device for dividing an image into two separate, spatially equivalent, components that can be displayed side by side on a single camera chip. His most recent tome lkon Confessions of an Alien Hunter: Andor has utilised many years of experience in spectroscopy to deliver the ultimate spectrograph solution R1.

This manual covers the installation, hardware description and set-up of the Aspen cameras. Website by Miramar Communications Ltd.

iKon-XL and iKon Large CCD Series

Imaris Vantage Flyer 2 pg Imaris Vantage flyer. Apogee Alta F47 Specifications The Alta F47 has a back-illuminated full frame megapixel CCD with exceptionally high quantum efficiency and without anti-blooming structures to further improve sensitivity.

Okon Dynamic Range technology is complemented by up to bit digitization. The iKon-XL VLA is purpose-designed to suit the long-exposure, remote operation needs of astrophysical surveys that have, until now, been heavily reliant on more conventional cooled CCD technologies.

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Andor Drivers and Downloads | Andor

Website by Miramar Communications Ltd. The world’s most compact and reliable spectroscopic CCD camera.

Overview Features Resources Learning. The dual output amplifiers allow software selection between either a conventional CCD or Electron Multiplying outputs R2. The iKon-L offers outstanding resolution, field of view, sensitivity and dynamic range performance. The Marana platform makes its debute with Marana 4.


iKon-XL 231

Coates has also led an industrial research and development team, involved in developing novel DNA microarray technologies. English Version R1. It is recommended that when updating the driver, that you update firmware as well if your version is different than the latest version listed here.

Connecting a spectrometer to a microscope for microspectroscopy studies. High quantum efficiency and large pixels maximise sensitivity making the Apogee Alta F6 an exceptional performer for OEMs,biological sciences, spectroscopy, and astronomy.

iKon M CCD camera from Andor Technology |

Andor Dragonfly Specifications Dragonfly is a high-contrast multi-dimensional imaging platform capable of four key imaging modalities R1. It has two output amplifiers enabling it to be configured in either a Low Noise, or a High Dynamic Range version depending on the application. Low noise and large field-of-view are ideal for OEMs, biological sciences, spectroscopy and astronomy Cooling down to 50oC below ambient results in a low dark current contribution.

The Alta F has a Website by Miramar Communications Ltd.

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