It helps save time and takes out a lot of the confusion people run into when attempting to install DSL by themselves. First off it appears that the geometry on a pendrive is NOT fixed in hardware, I have been able to change the parameters and have it work fine both in DSL and WinXP, the upshot is that if your pendrive doesn’t have parameters you like, change them! You need to edit these to include the boot options that you found necessary when you first tried booting off the CD. Now look at the number of sectors per track, if that is NOT 32 you will need to change it to This is the description I also post over at Wikipedia, but I consider this the master copy. Now we are ready to add our printer settings.

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Open winimage, Select the boot image you wish to use, select “Use removable disk x: Imagine having to download DVD sized images. The decision to create a menu item is much the same as the decision to use an icon. The reason this works is that there really are no heads or cylinders, its a bunch of bytes, the heads and such are just to keep the disk drivers happy.

If something has a “?

The most convenient place to put them would be in the same lib directory with the program’s own libs. As an example, we’ll pc11brr building a green extension from the ImageMagick source. Then I ran through the steps to get the zip drive working again and mounted sda1 your number might be different. Set the speed to 16x or less, as this gives your CD burner the time it needs to buffer and write properly. Grab a cold one and a slice of pie and settle in for the long run.


We will choose option “Q” to quit Apsfilter. When playing around with the geometry parameters make sure you use the -f thats the FORCE option to sfdisk, otherwise it won’t change some of the parameters.

Pc11vr the computer is too quick for you, then wait for the computer to finish loading Windows completely before shutting down to “MS-DOS mode”.

If you’re new to DSL perhaps airxprss should check out the preface to get aquainted with our distribution. Your submission may be renamed, edited, etc depending on what I or another mod think, and will be moved to the section we feel is appropriate.

These are the actual images you will need to install DSL to media. This step is not needed if the extension library is already setup with “root” and “optional”. In the DSL cd or the dsl iso image file, locate the folder “isolinux” inside the folder “boot”. We have selected the driver and now we want to tell Apsfilter how your printer is connected to your PC.

Here is one method First look at the current partition table and write down the parameters, if you make a mistake you can put it back the way it was! Next, execute the command “loadlin options.

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To submit a doc, log into your DSL Talk account, scroll down the page until you see the frame with your username as the frame title. Of course, the more ram the better, since thats where you’re working, in ram. Use the same command earlier to figure out what your CD configuration is.


You have setup your printer. Now we are ready to test our printer by printing a test page.

All I really need to know now is what to solder to. Such unprofessionalism really irks me- – thanks again for helping me work through this. Note that you can do things from this prompt line as you would from an XTerminal window, the way Real Men used to.

If you wish to post a query, please do so in one of our main forum sections here. We will hit the enter key to scroll through the screen until we find a driver that references our Epson Stylus C62 printer. If they don’t match or you get an error, don’t continue. This will allow all apps to use your printer without you having to enter your printer information. Option 2 shows ‘parallel’ but that is OK. There is a lag between when you tell it to write and it actually does write.

With Windows 95, 98, 98SEyou press the F8 key while booting up to get a boot menu, then select the option that says “command prompt only”.

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