All the other drivers will not recognize the card is even in the system. At least if the card was broken the system would beep. For the 7xxx series, the best of them are only available in PCI Express. No No, it’s not him. I have went to ATI’s website and downloaded driver 8.

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Get the HIS driver, amd doesn’t support the agp series.

You must use AGP Hotfix driver or the 8. No No, it’s not him.

ATi Radeon HD 3850 AGP any good ?

Our HIS is not working with the standard drivers. Your name or email address: If anyone else knows the fix let me know. Call of Duty World at War now takes ages to download a map and get into game.

What video card is this? And when did you get the card. What did you do?


The Best driver for HIS 3850 AGP card?

Still have a question? What is the best sound card for gaming? What is the best graphics card? Look 3580 other posts on this forum.

What is the best AGP video card? – Quora

Yes, the card was from eBay, from an English seller!. I’m seeing a lot of people having issues with v8. I’ve tried the insert key thing, clearing the CMOS, everything At least if the card was broken the system would beep.

What is the rest of your system specs? What is the best graphics card for video editing? Learn More at ragingbull. Joined Jan 23, Messages 5 0. And any upgrade as hardware works fantastic. What I will do now is go and buy a brand new Sapphire.

ATi Radeon HD AGP any good ? | TechPowerUp Forums

Which would bestt made up by the cost of going with a PCI-E anyways. You will not have much of luck in anything. What are the best 4K graphics cards?


What is the best PC graphics card?

AdypNov 16, Sapphire ones work but Powercolor and HIS ones don’t? Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? No beeps at all as well. What is the best AGP video card?

Darren HodgsonNov 16, Any links to a guaranteed to work besg.

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